Features and Advantage

Innovative Coastal Construction

The Coastal Steel Homes team specializes in designing, engineering and utilizing advanced components the way they should be for the harsh elements of the Southern coast. The use of the very latest, but proven technologies is designed and incorporated into all facets of the entire house.

Hurricane/Seismic Protection and other Safety Features:

  • Construction systems engineered to far exceed all hurricane and seismic code requirements. Exceeds the 140 mph code
  • When pilings are required, the Augercast piling system will be recommended. This is the most advanced and strongest piling system available. Where pilings are not required, an engineered steel reinforced concrete foundation will be used.
  • The advanced combination of steel reinforced concrete and steel framing
  • Homes designed, engineered and constructed to maintain integrity during extremely high winds and seismic activity. From the peak of the roof to the foot of the steel reinforced foundation, the home is connected to form a continuous load path capable of withstanding extremely high winds.
  • An engineered fortified roof truss system, stronger plywood deck sheathing, superior fasteners and weatherproofing membrane covering the entire roof.
  • Extra protection from high winds, fire, termites and mold is emphasized throughout all facets of the house. The most hazardous threats to a coastal home

Energy Efficiency and Water Consumption Savings
Advanced high performance heating/cooling options and combinations: Geothermal, Radiant heating, High velocity air handler system,
Multiple heating/cooling zones with automated damper control throughout the house with return air in each roomThe use of the most energy efficient water management plumbing technology available combined with instant hot water systems throughout the house. This combination delivers instant hot water wherever needed and eliminates the waste of thousands of gallons of water per year. Lower plumbing maintenance.Energy recovery ventilator (ERV) system and electronic air filters Continuous pure clean air, to eliminate allergies, mold protection and increased comfort. This is very important in extremely tight constructed homesClosed cell blown foam insulation Up to a 50% heating/cooling cost savings. Completely seals the house and adds structural strengthExtremely powerful and quiet bathroom, laundry room and kitchen ventilation systems equals increased comfort and mold prevention

Complete Home Automation and Structured Wiring Packages

  • Total integration and automation of your home’s communications, computers, entertainment, lighting, heating/cooling and security systems.

Beautiful High Quality Siding and Roofing Options

Superior Craftsmanship

Coastal Steel Homes not only specializes in fortified structural systems and engineering, but also in superior construction craftsmanship, unsurpassed in detail and quality. Special partnership relationships have been established with the finest craftsmen for each category of the house, i.e. cabinetry, interior and exterior trim, natural stone fabrication, etc. They are masters at blending the necessary elements of the home with the evocative details and inventive design that sets it apart from all other homes. 

As a building material, natural stone is unrivaled in warmth, unyielding strength, and lasting resilience. From the earliest marble and limestone slabs, to the most detailed mosaic tiling, stone has played a vital part in construction, architecture, and interior design throughout history. 

The unlimited variety and use of natural stone materials, such as granite, travertine, marble, limestone, slate and onyx can be incorporated into the final design plan. Natural stone can not only be used in the traditional way such as floors, countertops, tub surrounds, etc., but also on walls, interior trim, decks as well as other areas.

Only the highest quality natural stones are used and full attention is given to the extremely fine detail of all of the stonework. The most creative stone fabricators are used in order to offer true Old World craftsmanship. Combinations of different materials are used for mosaics, insets and medallions. 

Let our team designers work with you to create a design detail tailored to your individual taste. 

  • The interior trim craftsmen transform spaces with plain-looking walls into elegant handcrafted rooms. They will design, plan, and install it in a way to give your rooms the warmth, harmony, and sense of completeness trim work alone can impart.

For a more detailed list of advantages and benefits, call or email us and we will send you our ADVANTAGES OF A COASTAL STEEL HOMES package free, along with a photo CD album showing some of our finished homes and houses under construction. In addition, the album also contains general photos of the beautiful Coastal Carolinas.

Before you build your home in the Coastal Carolinas….